Although many people decide to stroll into our church on Sunday for an assortment of reasons, we embrace each person with the love of God. Our large church family is made up of people from different corners of the globe who speak several languages and come from various cultural backgrounds. Nonetheless, we are one group of different people united by same prevailing hope we have found in Christ.

For those interested in becoming members of the church, a membership class is held every quarter by the pastor and the deacons of Westside. In this new members’ class, our pastor and/or deacons will share the pertinent information on our rich church history. The class will provide the opportunity to ask questions about our services, volunteer opportunities and ministries. More importantly, after leaving this membership class, you will have a clear image of who we are, what we believe, our vision and our mission. The final class is held over a home-cooked dinner at our Pastor’s very own home.
Whatever life path you are on, whoever you are, you are welcome to become part of our church family. As a church, we are committed to the idea that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ and should act as such. Despite the diversity of languages spoken, countries of origin, or color of skin, our congregation is one body, one family unified in our desire to get closer to God. Join our church and become part of our family!
If you desire to become a member of Westside Baptist Church, please e-mail Pastor Manny Barahona at